Annual Fund

The Trinity School of Frederick is grateful for each and every supporter.

Annual Giving is the foundation of fundraising in independent schools. It provides critical financial support to the school’s efforts on behalf of the students and faculty. Your contributions to the Annual Giving Fund enhance the work of our faculty in all academic subjects, including the fine arts, technology, and physical education. Professional development, upgrades to classroom materials and equipment, and tending to facility needs are made possible through the financial support of the Annual Giving Fund.

Annual Giving funds enhance academics: with materials and equipment, strengthens professional development that directly relates to teaching and learning, and facility needs that support the instructional program.

The cost of an independent school education is not completely covered by tuition and fees. Each year at Trinity School the tuition and fees collected cover approximately 73% of the school’s expenses. Annual Giving bridges the gap between tuition and fee income and the actual cost of the school’s program.

The Annual Giving Fund begins in the fall of the year, and the school counts on the generosity of the entire Trinity community to help raise the funds to support the Trinity School Experience for all its students. The generosity of our contributors provides the funds we need to make our educational program top notch. Like all independent schools, budgeting includes the projected generosity of current parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni families, the Board of Trustees, the faculty and staff, and other friends of the school who contribute to this fund.

At Trinity School of Frederick, the act of giving is the rule rather than the exception. The benevolent gifts given by our community help to support the quality of education we can provide in our faith-based community.

Every gift, large and small, is appreciated. We seek 100% participation. All contributions are tax deductible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Annual Giving Fund? Why does Trinity School need an Annual Giving Program?

  • The cost of the quality education we want for our Trinity students is not completely covered by tuition.
  • The generosity of contributors provides the funds we need to make our program top notch.
  • Annual Giving helps bridge the gap between tuition income and the actual cost of our excellent educational programs.
  • Do remember that your contributions help not only your own student, but leaves a legacy for the Trinity students to come. Just as those who came before you left a legacy for your child who is presently enjoying the “Trinity School Experience”.
  • Your donation is tax deductible.

 When and how will I be asked?

  • You will receive an annual giving appeal letter from the Annual Giving Chair Parents. These are parents, like you, with children at Trinity who believe in the program and have given generously on its behalf.
  • The letter will detail the plans for the use of the funds collected.
  • Enclosed in this letter is an envelope for you to use to send your donation to the school.
  • The donation envelope has space for you to note your donation and provides you with a space to tell about alumni news you may have.
  • Prior to December 31, fellow Trinity parents will phone all families who have not yet returned their donation envelope and discuss with them how to become a part of this essential fundraising event.

How much am I expected to give?

  • Our goal is 100% participation
  • Every gift is important and graciously appreciated.
  • If you have given in the past, please consider increasing your donation this year by 25%.
  • If you have never given before, we hope you will make a generous contribution.

I can’t give very much, so my gift isn’t important?

  • Every gift is important. We are seeking 100% participation.
  • Each gift demonstrates a belief in the school, the students and the faculty.
  • We hope you will give as generously as you can for “our children”.
  • Everyone can help.

 Do I have to make my donation all at once?

  • Most people make an outright donation and pay in full by check or credit card.
  • Checks may be mailed using the donation envelope enclosed with the annual giving letter or sent directly to Trinity School of Frederick, Attention: Annual Giving Fund, 6040 New Design Road, Frederick, MD 21703.
  • Credit card donations are processed using PayPal. You may also make a pledge of payment. At the time of the pledge payment, you must tell us what dates we can expect your donation and the date it will be paid in full.

May I pledge now and pay later?

  • Yes! Pledges count as participation so we encourage you to make yours by December 31!
  • We are pleased to accept full donation today, but you may give us a pledge for your commitment outlining when we can expect full payment. As always, you have until June 30 of the current school year, to fulfill your pledge commitment.
  • We will remind you throughout the school year of your pledge commitment.

How do I give?

  • Outright gifts of cash, in the form of a check, are the most common method of support.
  • Credit card donations may be made by using PayPal. Go to our website to process your credit card donation.
  • You may also make your pledge commitment in the form of a stock transfer. Gifts of securities allow you to make a stretch gift to the school and allow you to avoid capital gains tax. We are a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

How will my donation be recognized?

  • You will receive a thank you from the Head of School and the Annual Giving Parent Chairs.
  • All donations completed by June 30 of the current school year will be placed in the giving categories designated in the annual giving brochure and published in the school’s Annual Report.
  • Those wishing to remain anonymous may do so by indicating such on their donation envelope.

Will my name and donation be published?

  • We have giving categories that will be published in the school’s annual report at the end of the year.
  • If you wish, you may remain anonymous. A few people choose this option each year.

The following are suggested giving categories that may be used and included in the Annual Report:

• Leadership Circle :$10,000 and above
• Trustees Circle: $5,000 to $9,999
• Head of School Circle: $1,000 to $4,999
• 2002 Society: $500 to $999
• Partner: $499 and below

Who can I contact if I have a question?

Warner T. James, Head of School, (301) 228-2333  or email:

Where can I send my check?

Trinity School of Frederick
6040 New Design Road
Frederick, MD 21703
Attention: Annual Giving Fund.