Visual & Performing Arts


SSU_3223Trinity students attend music classes twice weekly.  Students focus on a variety of music genres, including jazz, classical, romantic, modern, ballet, opera, and musical theater.  Many of these units are integrated with units of study in social studies and science units.  Students have the opportunity to sing and play a variety of instruments alone and in groups and learn basic music theory and music reading skills. The entire student body comes together several times a year for performances including a Christmas pageant, Grandparents’ Day, and graduation.

Middle School students focus on music history and appreciation, from ancient civilizations through modern musical theater and rock. Students also have the opportunity to sing and play a variety of instruments, alone and in groups, and expand upon sight-reading skills, eurhythmics, and music theory.


art1Students in kindergarten attend art classes twice weekly for forty-five minutes, while students in grades one through eight attend classes twice weekly for forty-five minutes to one hour. Trinity’s qualitative art program enhances students’ critical and creative thinking skills within a   framework of art appreciation and personal growth classes. Classes are process rather than product driven. Classroom instruction is enhanced with visiting artists and performers as well as field trips and extracurricular art workshops. A well-rounded, artistic learning experience is emphasized by fully integrating each grade level curriculum into the art program. Students examine art from social, historical, and aesthetic perspectives to reveal artistic purpose while ultimately enhancing their own critical thinking and creativity. Opportunities are provided to display work throughout the community and school.