computers1Technology at Trinity focuses on communication, collaboration, and higher level thinking skills. Students attend lab beginning in the intermediate grades once a week for an hour of formal technology instruction that includes: Digital Citizenship, keyboarding, coding, and curriculum integration. In the beginning of the year, Digital Citizenship is the focus using the Digital Passport curriculum by Common Sense Media and Webinauts by PBS. Students then experience coding. Coding provides the children with a unique opportunity to build problem solving skills that can be translated to more than just a computer program.

Keyboarding is introduced in the intermediate grades and reinforced throughout the years. We also use Google Apps for Education (GAFE) which provides students access to their work from home, as well as in school. It also allows for collaboration between students and teachers. GAFE provides the ability to create documents, presentations, surveys, blogs, websites, and more. The middle school creates websites using Google Sites as a growing portfolio of their growing technology skills. Research skills are taught starting in grade 5. Students learn how to safely find sources, create bibliographies and more. The lab is also open to teachers.  They can bring their classes to work on a variety of projects in the lab, which then helps reinforce skills learned in Technology class.