Religion/Service Learning

religion1All grades attend chapel weekly, which occurs on Thursday mornings. Students also learn the school prayer and other traditional prayers as well as the purpose and value of prayers. Classes learn about and participate in service to others through many experiences both in and out of the classroom.

Lower School students attend religion class once a week for forty-five minutes. Lessons include reading, discussion, art, music, and other hands on activities. Using the Old and New Testament Bible stories about the people and their relationship with God, kindergarten through third grade students learn about themselves, their place in the world, and respect and tolerance for all people. Fourth grade examines The Bible as a document and learns how to apply some of its lessons to their daily lives. Fifth grade focuses on the people who influenced Christianity as it spread through our country and its effect on our laws and traditions.

In addition to chapel, Middle School students attend religion classes once a week for sixty minutes. In sixth and seventh grade, students study many of the world religions. They have the opportunity to examine the similarities and differences between various faiths. In eighth grade, students use the Bible to explore what scripture reveals about themselves, their faith, and how to live according to their faith in a complex world. Service learning is a large part of the Middle School curriculum. Students participate in projects that serve our school community, the community of Frederick, and the larger world outside of their communities.

Trinity School Prayer

Thank you Lord for this fine day 

And for three special things we pray: 

Bless our families, bless our friends, and bless our school. 

Help us Lord, to be like you, 

Loving, kind and forgiving, too.