Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

The Mission of Trinity School of Frederick is to educate children in a stimulating academic environment within a Christian community of faith to become leaders for good in the world.  Trinity is an independent school that:

Fosters intellectual, spiritual, artistic, and physical potential.

Builds strong, independent thinkers.

Develops children of character and integrity.

Our Core Values

Educate for excellence.

Embrace a Christian Faith.

Support a dedicated and outstanding faculty and staff.

Foster significant family commitment in an atmosphere of mutual regard and respect.

Provide a secure, caring environment where children and adults experience joy and belonging.

Quality of Life

At Trinity we believe each student was created uniquely by God.  We create a community of acceptance through deliberate instruction in the core character traits of respect, honesty, responsibility, effort, cooperation, self-discipline, friendship, and perseverance.  Students learn to apply these values throughout their daily lives.  Teachers, students, and parents work together to encourage and model these values in our community.